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they reported in what they saw. >> we have a possible plane crash on southbound on 295. >> okay. you said possible plane crash on 295? >> the training academy, that they witnessed a plane it appeared to have some engine problems. it was headed towards the virginia area. looked concerning. they also followed 295 out to the beltway and hadn't seen anything. >> what is concerned was concerning, but as we know, all is well that ends well. the plane was able to stay in the air and divert itself to dulles airport continental flight 1559 bound for houston. everybody got there today. joining me now, dc fire, ems spokesman, pete piringer had a chance to talk to many of the people who witnessed what they saw. what did they tell you? what did it look like? >> the weather was nicer and
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we have a great vantage point right across from the airport. we had a terrific response. our fire boat went out. but our personnel did have a good vantage point. they did see this plane experience some issue. not only did we have instructors, but veteran firefighters just beginning a class before 8:00 this morning. they saw there was clearly some engine problems. the plane dropped down to a lower altitude and went behind a tree line and our personnel was concerned. it all turned out well, but we had a great response and enough where we determined was a crash. >> before we go, did they hear the engine pop or bobble or see puffs of smoke? >> i think saw both. they heard the engine, what they described to me as the pilot appeared to initiate the engines twice and they saw some smoke. >> thanks so much.
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that flight early this morning diverted to dulles. got on the ground safely, but boy did it cause a stir this morning. reporting live from national airport, scott broom, 9news now. >> as you said, all is well that ends well. thanks, scott. tonlet we are learning that dc government officials broke the law while providing quame brown an suv at taxpayer's expense. bruce johnson has been on top of this leased suv story from the beginning and he has new information tonight. bruce. >> no telling where this is going to end. the review of the leasing practices continue tonight. kwame brown isn't the only top level official who has been riding around in a city leased suv and apparent violation of the law. >> absolutely it's too much to play. >> kc chairman, kwame brown has returned the lincoln
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navigator. the second suv for that same amount is headed back, say city officials. >> assuming chairman brown wants to use a car, they should go back immediately. >> but a review concludes that brown inappropriately requested the city provide him with the lincoln navigator and mayor gray's administration appears to violated dc law by leasing the vehicles for brown. >> the district law had not been followed in acquisition for suv's, not just for the chair, but a number of dc employees. >> tommy wells says the city prohibits them for leasing, except for rescue or armored vehicles. >> previous chair had an suv. >> mayor gray, when he was chair. >> yes, mayor gray did. >> the lincoln navigator assigned to emergency agencies appeared to be covered. the councilman says his inquiry covered 42suv's in the dc
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fleet. this is where kwame brown parks his private vehicle. right here, you have the chevy tahoe for the city administrator. according to tommy wells staff, there's nothing that says the city administrator is entitled to a lease. >> his office is also looking at the leasing and assignment of vehicles. >> we looked at all the cars that have been leased or purchased by the government over the past several years. we are going to look at the policies related to those. >> how many vehicles? >> including snowplows and trucks and whatnot, there are 900 vehicles. >> he learned the city is routinely violating its ban on suv's and vehicles that get less than 22 miles per gallon. tommy well wills hold a hearing on the leasing and buying of vehicles on april 15. >> is that likely to change? >> well, there's a lot of
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stuff they don't know. they have 900 vehicles. different agencies that are leasing and buying. so they have to put it together. they have a lot of clouds. a lot of purchasing power that they aren't using. they could go directly to the manufacturer. probably deal directly with these companies. >> and get something cheaper? >> absolutely. >> thank you for your reporting. we'll see you soon. another busy day in the weather center. topper, what can we expect for the rest of the evening? a stormy day. >> we are in good shape. we have some rain, it's going to be a wet commute. let's start with the satellite picture, radar combined. a big line of showers and thunderstorms that moved through. severe thunderstorm warnings for issued for prince georges county, as well as st. maries county. we have light rain, all the thunderstorms that are across the bay. the light rain, unfortunately, will hang in there until the evening commute is over. winds will be picking up. winds gusting to 23 miles per hour. and 22 in cumberland and pick up more as we go through the
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evening hours. look at the temperatures. 52 downtown. it was 72 at 11:00 this morning. already 36 out in oakland. for tonight, showers ending early. lows in the 30s. winds northwest at 15 to 25 and gusty. we'll come back and show you where some folks weren't so lucky. tornado damage with the same system and we'll look ahead to see if march comes in like a lamb or a lion. two drunk driving incidents left one man dead and a police officer hurt. the dc police officer was responding to the first call on the key bridge. peggy fox reports the officer is expected to be released from the hospital. but the first person who was hit by a drunk driver wasn't as lucky. >> just how many drunks drive across the key bridge every night? according to police, at least two in the course of one hour last night. the first police say hit a man who was walking his moped in the right hand lane.
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>> he was struck by a silver mercury suv. the silver mercury suv did not stop. it fled into virginia. >> that man died of his injuries a few hours later in a hospital. before a lookout was even posted for the vehicle, maryland state police say he was caught by a trooper on i- 270 who saw the mercury had two flat tires and front end damage. meanwhile, another alleged drunk driver hit the police officer responding to the first call on the key bridge. >> a nine year member of the second district was conducting traffic related duties regarding the accident with the moped and the gentleman that was walking. he was struck by another vehicle, that driver staid on the scene. the driver was charged with dui. he's a resident of virginia. >> 40-year-old anthony randolph of germantown is charged with dui. he is the one that the trooper
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caught on i-270. he has not been charged yet with a hit-and-run fatality on the key bridge, but police believe he is responsible. peggy fox reporting live in washington, back to you. thank you. a man who cut three people with a knife at an embassy in washington was sentenced to time already served today. he agreed to a plea bargain in the case. the attack occurred back in 2009. prosecutors say he went there to renew his passport and got upset when he was told he would have to wait. boco's lawyer said his client will almost certainly be deported. clinton portis is no longer a washington redskin. >> after weeks of speculation, the team cut the former all-pro runningback this afternoon. kristen is here with more. >> lesli and anita, it was the worst kept secret in the nfl. it was a matter of when he would be released. mike shanahan made it clear he didn't want to pay the $8 million portis was owed and
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wanted to give him a chance to test the market. portis spent seven seasons with the redskins playing 84 games with 83 starts. over the last two seasons, he was limited to 13 games because of injuries. the 29-year-old is the second leading rusher in franchise history with 68,024 yards right behind jim riggins. now since this game as no surprise, portis says there's no hard feelings. >> i have been in dc for seven years, my time in washington was great and having absolutely played with shanahan, played were mr. schneider, it was a great opportunity. it was the decision best for both of us. myself and the organization. >> the redskins released a statement from redskins owner, dan schneider saying clinton provided excitement from the very first time he touched the ball as a redskin and we were lucky to witness all the
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passion he has given ever since. he will go down as one of the franchise's all-time greats. portis has a lot less in his tank and can be that go to guy for another team. we probably won't know if and where he winds up any time soon, though. if a new collective bargaining agreement isn't in place by friday, no team will be allowed to sign him until the labor issues are resolved. anita, back to you. sky 9 was over the scene of an accident. this happened this morning in the 11800 block. the minivan swerved to avoid an accident and ended up crashing into the house. you can see it there. the driver was rushed to the hospital with injuries to the face. nobody else hurt, as you can see, the home's garage was destroyed. >> that's good news for drivers on i-66 in fairfax county. starting today, the westbound exit ramp to monument drive and spring fellow road are open to
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traffic except during hov hours. traffic signs have been changed and traffic signals at the top of the ramp are being retimed to help ease congestion. virginia governor, bob mcdonnell says opening these ramps to all traffic is an example of a low cost solution to cutting commuting time. >> let's get a check on the evening rush hour. monica joins us with your time saver traffic. hi monica. >> good afternoon, everybody. we have traffic all around town. i'd say over half of the beltway is stop and go traffic. in fact, let's take a look at the beltway. you see all these red cars, look at that. we're going to take a live look at the american legion bridge and show you what it looks like. what's going to basically look heavy and steady as you leave the fairfax area around 66 all the way past the bridge span, up past 270 and over into college park before the pace improves. keep that in mind, there are no big deals along the way, it's just heavy traffic because of
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the weather. let's take a look elsewhere. traveling on the westbound side, it's going to be congested from the beltway to route 28. stop and go traffic into centerville before the pace improves. back to you, anita. he is connected to attacks on 17 women. still ahead the fbi and local police launch a new effort to catch the so-called east coast rapist. when it comes to fevers in young children, doctors say parents, we tend to panic. we'll have new guidelines for you. as u.s. forces move toward libya, the white house says all options are on the table for moammar gadhafi. we'll be back.
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pressure is mounting to end the violence in libya. the pentagon says it is moving armed forces into that region already.
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and the european union announced diplomatic unions to raise the pressure on moammar gadhafi. derek is live with the latest. derek. >> anita, lesli, the libyan leader is showing no signs of backing down. the pentagon confirms it is moving air and naval forces into the area around libya just in case. the u.s. is also sending teams to libya's borders with egypt to help refugees who might be trying to escape the fighting. and world leaders say gadhafi needs to be held accountable for his bloody crackdown. >> these violations of universal rights are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. >> it is clear this is an ill legitimate regime that lost the consent of its people and our message is simple. go now. >> the european union slapped the libyan government with new sanctions, including an arms embargo and a freeze on assets. a no-fly zone over libya and that would prevent the air force from bombing and killing
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more citizens. in an interview with abc, gadhafi said he's been an ally in the fight against al-qaeda. the west abandoned him. for now, he has a firm grip on the capital city of tripoli and the government has been handing out cash to citizens, trying to buy their support. the gadhafi regime is battling to retake areas just outside the capital. lesli, back to you. >> all right derek, thanks for the update. thereappears to be no end in sight for the runup in the prices at the pump. oil prices in libya has been cut in half and while other nations pledged to increase output, economic analysts are worried the unrest could spread. according to triple-a's report, gas prices nationwide jumped 19 cents since last monday. to an average of $3.36 a gallon. that is the highest price ever for this time of year. here in the dc area, gas prices averaged $3.34 a gallon and that's up 21 cents since last
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week. in tonight's health alert, a strong stand from america's pediatricians, they want teens banned from using tanning salons all together. the american academy of pediatrics is speaking out in the aap. hoping keeping tans will help lower the risk of skin cancer later on, especially melanoma. more than 30 states regulate indoor tang on minors, howard county in maryland only allows teens under 18 to use the tanning beds if their parents give permission. now to one of the most common reasons we parents call the pediatricians, when the reading on the thermometer seems high. a new report is trying to get parents over the fever phobia. >> a fever and a cough. >> at night, i see 102 going into maybe 103. and it bothers me. >> a new report in the journal pediatrics advises parents to keep their cool.
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a rise in body temperature isn't always dangerous. >> a fever can be good for kids. it helps fight off infections. virus and bacteria they don't like to live where it's warm. >> temperatures lower than 100.4 aren't considered a fever and no studies show that untreated fevers lead to seizures or brain damage. over the counter medicine is fine to bring down a high fever, but pay more attention to how their children are acting. >> are they drinking? are they eating? are they walking around? are they playful? >> when is it time to see the doctor? if the fever lasts longer than a few days, if the baby is younger than three months old or if a rash appears. >> cold sweats. >> that is scary stuff. a bigger issue is if you decide to treat a fever with over the counter medicine, make sure you are using the right dosage for your child's weight. check the label even if you have done it before. ib pro fin are considered safe for kids, but overdoses are
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very dangerous and can cause liver damage. all right, so are we out of the woods for the worst part of the weather for now? >> it's not very pretty, but we are out of the woods. severe weather is gone. we are lucky, we had a couple severe thunderstorm warnings, but it's a different story. this is a serious wind. we see cars flipped over, a truck here in a minute. dad, where is the truck? it's up on the top. you have winds of 120 miles per hour. at least. maybe 150. and if you look carefully, there might be another shot where there's a house that is perfect. these storms are like only anywhere between 300 and maybe 400 or 500 yards wide. that's what happens on one neighbor. the other neighbor is fine. we are lucky. let's talk about what is going on. we have temperatures, they have fallen off the table. we are down to 52. 34 already in oakland. and in the 40s in cumberland. so 57 leesburg. we would be happy with these temperatures normally, except
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we experience the low 70s today. all right, let's talk about the satellite picture and the radar combined. we'll zoom in. pretty strong frontal system. for the ladder part of february, this had a lot of severe weather with it. fortunately, it ran into colder air for us and again all the severe weather was confined to southern maryland. we had no reports of tornadoes or anything like that. let's talk about live doppler and you can see most of the activetive is now east of 95. there are a couple showers back to the west out toward warrenton and out toward, once you get to winchester, you have clouds. most of the showers are gone by then. for the most part, the activity is light. it's keeping the rush hour wet. little patches of heavier to moderate activity. everything is pushing off to the east very, very quickly. we are in good shape. outside story, well, will it be a lamb or lion tomorrow? windy and colder tonight. much cooler tomorrow, but march
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will come in like a lamb. it will be cooler. breezy and milder by the middle part of the week. everything ends early. winds will increase at 15 to 25 and gusty. look at the lows tonight. hard to believe gaithersburg around freezing tonight. even downtown, above freezing. maybe 36 in arlington. 34 in college park and 32 in bowie. out to the west, mid 30s, then you get to sterling, you are 32. leesburg, you are below freezing. 31 also in manassas. tomorrow morning, sunshine, cold, comes in like a lamb. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. winds northwesterly at 10. will march go out like a lamb? we don't know. look at the highs on tuesday. 50 in arlington. 50 downtown. 49 in rockville. and 49 also out toward
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sterling. now the next three days, cooler tomorrow, breezy and milder on wednesday. sunshine, and then cold, downright cold on thursday. temperatures in the low 40s. next seven day, temperatures go back up. weak system comes in on saturday and sunday. we have to drop late saturday night or early sunday, it's not much of a system. it will drop temperatures into the low 50s on sunday and monday of next week. for the first week of march, not bad. >> okay. >> thank you, topper. coming up next, two astronauts take the first space walk of discovery's final mission.
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today astronauts from the space shuttle discovery took the first of their two-planned space walks outside the international space station. astronauts steve bowen and al venn floated out of the hatch ahead of schedule to start their 6 1/2 hour space walk. the 11 day mission is the last for space shuttle discovery. this is discovery's 39th and final flight. by the way, drew was raised in dc and his parents now live in fort washington.
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an indictment was handed down in the case of one of the deadliest coal mine explosions in u.s. history. we are talking about the explosion in west virginia. the security chief of the upper big branch mine is charged with obstruction of justice. hewey is in custody tonight. prosecutors say he lied to an fbi agent and a federal investigator. he'll be arraigned on march 15. america's last living world war i veteran has died. frank passed away yesterday on his farm in west virginia. he was 110 years old. buckles enlisted in the army at age 16. he served an an ambulance driver during world war i. he was working as is civilian in the philippines when he was held for a prisoner of war for 39 months. a new museum is coming to george washington university. plans call for it to go up. the building that currently houses campus police.
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a prom that night real estate developer, albert h. small is donating his extensive collection on the history of washington. small is also giving the school $5 million for the historical project. coming up next, new at 5:30. >> he's known as the east coast rapist and police believe he could strike again soon. i'm lindsey mastis in fairfax county. coming up, police share all the information they have online. xx
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right now new at 5:30. he terrorized women up and down the east coast for more than a decade. a new effort is underway to catch a serial rapist. congress returns to washington with the possibility of a federal government shutdown looming at the end of the week. actor charlie sheen goes on tv to take out his anger over the suspension over his hit cbs sitcom, two and a half men. tonight, police are concerned that he is going to attack again and soon. >> the suspect is responsible for raping 17 women and ten of those attacks happened in our
5:30 pm
area. new at 5:30, lindsey mastis shows us a website police created to catch this predator. >> for 14 years, the east coast rapist eluded police, composites date back to 1997 and looking at them is like watching him age. police believe he's in his 40s. investigators say he raped 17 women and girls. his last known attack happened here in dale city, virginia, on halloween night in 2009. >> he was armed with a handgun and a mask. he led them into a wooded area where he sexually assaulted the girls. >> john kelly says the suspect raped two 17-year-old girls and attacked their 16-year-old friend. he's attacked women in four states, maryland, virginia, rhode island, and connecticut. police are putting the information they have about the suspect, the rapes, and the sketches on this website. >> somebody may know him based on the information that is available on the web page.
5:31 pm
>> police say they are also blasting the information on digital billboards all across the east coast. kelly says the east coast rapist may have ties to the military, but he says they are not allowed to cross check the suspects dna with those enlisted. >> those are off limits. there is a specific guideline regarding military dna. it's more for catastrophic events. >> kelly says they cleared 700 suspects but believe someone will recognize the missing link and be able to help bring the east coast rapist to justice. in fairfax county, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. the website again, anybody can report a tip and be unanimous. the prince georges county police department is offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads to this rapist's arrest. we are just four days away from a possible federal government shutdown, but it looks like republicans and democrats are close to a deal
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that wall keep the government running, at least for another two weeks. bruce leshan is our man on the shutdown and he joins us now from the center. bruce. >> lesli, we may be right back at stalemate in another couple of weeks. at this point, it looks like there will be a deal by friday. the republican controlled house is slated to start debating the bill on tuesday. tomorrow. senate democrats say they are encouraged. the extension includes $4 billion in cuts, which keeps republicans on pace to cut more than $60 billion out of this year's budget. and these cuts, but these cuts are the ones that the president had already proposed for next year's budget, so these may be the easy surgical strikes in finding room for compromise after a couple of weeks, maybe tougher. the white house says the president will likely support the deal that is on the table, but a spokesman says that debate and short-term spending
5:33 pm
bills are bad for the economy because they create uncertainty. coming up at 6:00, we are going hear from the house speaker who says despite the fact we can continue to borrow money at incredibly low interest rates, the u.s. is going broke, even going bankrupt. lesli. >> all right bruce, thank you for that. we'll see you at 6:00. >> don't balance your budget on the backs of union workers. that was the message from president obama to the country's dispute causing a storm of controversy in wisconsin. that center around a republican led push to end collective bargaining agreements for public workers. >> i don't think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated or vilified or their rights are infridged upon. >> the governors are in town for the governor's association meeting. protesters who spent the night in wisconsin's capital are vowing to stay there as long as they have to.
5:34 pm
governor scott walker is planning to deliver his two- year budget plan tomorrow afternoon. he has said the plan will help make clear his plan to end most collective bargaining rights for public employees and the fact that he thinks they are necessary. new numbers are out tonight showing alexandria has the highest hiv and aids rate in northern virginia. the alexandria commission reports the infection rates are more than three times hire than the commonwealth average. widely available testing may have driven up the city's numbers. the commission is reaching out to the faith community to slow the spread of infection and is targeting its efforts on black men. they are the largest group living with hiv and aids in alexandria. >> there is good news in the fight against aids. a type of gene therapy is raising hopes for a future cure. in six people so far, scientists have been able to develop blood cells that are resistant that can't be inspected by hiv. we are a long way from a cure
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just yet. even so, experts are hopeful some day, everyone if this gene therapy can't wipe it out, it may repair patients immune systems enough. a much cooler night tonight. a big change, top. >> yeah, unbelievable. in the low 70s this morning. a different story now. you'll need one of these for the next couple of hours. we are looking at rain showers, nothing heavy, but enough to wet the roads. 51 by 6:00 and temperatures start falling. not exactly off the table. 50 by 8:00 and clearing and upper 40s by 10:00. live doppler shows some light to occasionally moderate rain. generally across the bay and in southern maryland. everybody else has light rain, essentially from i-95 east. it will end quickly as we go through night and evening. your county closeup. march comes in like a lamb. sunshine in fairfax. 49. 50 in vienna. maybe 51 in lorton.
5:36 pm
downtown, right around 50. 51 in cleveland park and capitol hill and we are looking at temperatures in montgomery county. some folks won't make 50, but lots of sunshine and not much wind. 49 in darnstown. and 50 in wheaten and 51 in bethesda. time now for time saver traffic with monica. >> thank you so much. good afternoon, everybody. we have the yellow light and that's because we have congestion all around the metropolitan area. we are going to start off with a live look at 270 on the northbound side where you have traffic from the spur. it doesn't let up until you hit montgomery village avenue. what's worse is the beltway. we are going to go there live right now. it's going to look like this for you. stop and go traffic as you leave 66 in virginia all across the topside of the beltway on the inner loop and into prince georges county. here's what it looks like on the outbound side. from the beltway to centerville. i have some good news for virginia commuters. i just got off the phone. she tells me that starting
5:37 pm
today, 10:00 this morning, westbound 66, the hov ramp at monument drive and string fellow road are now open during nonpeak hours for all traffic. now this is going to help thousands of commuters who live, shop, and work in the fairfax and fair oaks area. some good news for you if you travel on 66. anita, back to you. >> we have all gotten rejection letters, but you never had a reaction like this one. more on this baby's viral video coming up next. and coming up new at 6:00, the top aid to dc mayor, vincent gray who was fired last week, not going away quietly. tonight, he comes out blasting the mayor. and don't forget, we are always on at stay with us, we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond,
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if your mail is acting up, you're not alone. a couple hundred thousand users logged into their gmail accounts over the weekend only to find they have been reset. in some cases, wiping out years worth of messages and attachments. google says it is aware of the problem and they expect to have everything restored in the near future. they haven't said when. a bubbly baby is the star of a video that has gone viral. it was posted by his dad. marcus shared it with his 10 month old son who found it really, really funny. >> around the 22 second mark, he does an extremely hearty laugh, where you wonder if he stopped breathing. until he starts laughing again. at that moment, i thought, okay, this is a really great clip. >> with offers of $20 to $200,
5:41 pm
they have gotten requests for people wanting it buy rights. but the couple said no, this clip is for fun, not for profit. >> can't feel bad when your baby is laughing like that. so cute. coming up on 9news now. >> you owe cbs an apology? >> no. they owe me a big one, publicly, while licking many i feet. >> charlie sheen is talking about his canceled show and he's angry. i'll have that story coming up. i'm topper shutt, primarily east of i-95, we'll tell you when they will clear out, and whether or not march comes in like a lamb or a lion and show you some tornado damage. but first, they have been called the cars of the future, but how did they rate right now? we'll find out two new electric cars coming up next.
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in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. >> every 18 months, something occurred to say, hey, we are not giving any money to building projects because you can't compete with human disaster. low and behold, we have done okay. >> many thought it couldn't be done. 15 years ago, the martin luther king, jr., memorial was barely a dream. this summer it takes its place among our most hallowed monuments. join us the first monday of each month leading up for that historic day for martin luther king, jr., a monumental life. go on through the struggles of today. tonight at 7:00, we kick things off with a preview of the vision that started with a box and just $10. that's tonight at 7:00.
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in our consumer alert, electric vehicles are being touted as the vehicles of the future. recent tests show the promise, but there may be significant drawbacks to consider before you buy. >> the chevy bolt is available on a limited basis, but when eddie saw the electric car in the showroom, he was sold. >> i saw the chevy volt on the floor. i looked it over and i had to buy it. >> at the auto track, testers checked out the volt. the nissan lease, which is 100% electric. range, which is how far an electric vehicle can go on a charge is a big issue. cold weather is a problem. >> the nissan lease can go 100 miles on a charge, but that's this in ideal conditions. in our experience, cold weather with shorten that to 65 miles. >> the vault in low temperatures has troubles fully
5:47 pm
heating. it can take 25 to 50-mile st before the gas engine kicks in, which can take the car up to 300 miles. but you pay a price for this. >> the added gasoline engine makes the bolt expensive. you may wind up using more fuel. >> as for recharged time with a 220-volt charger that you can install in your home, it takes about 4 to 5 hours. the lease takes about 8 hours on average. it is less expensive, about $35,000. the vault is about $35,000. but even with the federal and state tax credits, neither is likely to save you money. >> electric vehicles have come a long way, they have a long way to go before they are ready to replace the average person's primary vehicle. >> if you are paying a premium, one of these vehicles might be right for you. if you are interested in a car that would be kind to the environment, the toyota prius, it gets 44 miles per gallon
5:48 pm
overall. how would you like an extra thousand dollars in your pocket? one in ten people in our area are owed money by their state government and that is just the average payout. but most people have no idea this money is actually coming to them. only on 9news now at 11:00 tonight, we're going to show you how you can claim your cash. >> right now, we have new disturbing information about the operator of a texas daycare where four children were killed in a fire. the woman seen here in this video, 22-year-old jessica is accused of leaving a stove on and leaving the children alone. police say they have surveillance video of her shopping at the time of the fire. investigators believe the stove ignited last week's fire that hurt three other kids in that house. so far, she is only charged with reckless injury to a child involving serious bodily injury. more charges are likely. in other parts of texas, a large wild fire now under
5:49 pm
control. nearly 120,000 acres were burned in the western part of the state and the panhandle, but the threat of additional wild fires is far from over. officials say low humidity, warm temperatures, and dry conditions present even more danger in south texas. severe storms causing widespread flooding in ohio. classes were canceled for some students in cleveland today after a dam broke. the weather service said flooding was a threat in all of 88 of ohio's counties. luckily we didn't see that kind of flooding here. >> notice the snow, so they had melting snow and heavy rains. we were lucky today, even though we were under a tornado watch for a time. we are going to take you out to oklahoma. this is right on the border of oklahoma and canton. it's a place pretty much just inside of the border, actually. and tornadoes, numerous tornadoes touched down. no reports of injuries, but these storms are moving 50
5:50 pm
miles per hour. golf ball sized hail. this is a place, which is just to the east of i-35 and called new kirk, oklahoma. that's pretty cool video. we can't see as far. you can see these storms for miles and miles away. all right, for us, well, back to reality really, but we kind of got off pretty lucky. 57 right now. high was 72. generally in the 50s, which isn't bad. live doppler, essentially i-95 east, we have some rain. essentially light to moderate rain. especially across the bay, but back to the north, maybe a couple light showers near frederick. just enough to keep it wet through the evening commute. all right, will it be a lamb or lion? windy and colder tonight. much cooler tomorrow, but it will come in like a lamb, lots of sunshine. get a nice boost in temperatures by wednesday. tonight, showers ending early. lows in the 30s. and winds northwest at 15 to 25
5:51 pm
and rather gusty. hard to believe after temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s, we're talking about freezing tonight, literally in gaithersburg. 33 in rockville. above freezing, but mid 30s downtown. no real bargain there. 31 in leesburg and 31 also in manassas. tomorrow morning, sunny and cold, march comes in like a lamb, 30s and 40s to start by afternoon. pretty nice day. much, much cooler. mostly sunny, high temperatures near 50. light winds. next seven days, we are back in the mid 50s on wednesday and cold on thursday. sunshine, yes, but only in the low 40s. back to 50 on friday. weak frontal system comes in, not a huge deal. upper 50s on saturday. maybe some showers late into sunday morning and in the low 50s sunday and monday, which isn't bad. the first week of march, only one day in the 40s, no snow flakes. >> no snow flakes is a good thing. >> spring is almost springing. >> all right.
5:52 pm
actor charlie sheen is talking again on the airways. >> he hasn't stopped talking. this time he is going on television to sort of clear the air and as sandra hughes reports, he continues to blast cbs for suspending taping on his hit show, "two and a half men." >> everybody else is going to be begging -- >> charlie sheen seemed agitated and angry in two interviews over the weekend. >> do you owe cbs an apology? >> no, they owe me a big one, publicly, while licking my feet. >> troubled actor vows to sue cbs for canceling the rest of the season of his show, "two and a half men." sheen isn't apologizing and insists he is only high on life, not drugs. >> i am on a drug, it's called charlie sheen. it's not available because if you try it once, you will die. >> sheen also says despite cbs's decision to halt production of his show, he'll show up here to work and now,
5:53 pm
sheen's publicist has quit. a 2009 incident in aspen with his third wife. he was with a porn star when he trashed a new york hotel room last fall. his second wife and their children were in a nearby room. >> no dinner, no movie. >> last month, sheen was hospitalized after a night of partying. cbs put his show on hiatus and then sheen went on the attack, making comments about the show's creator that some called antia antisemitic. >> take it or leave it? >> he is already the highest paid tv actor making $1.8 million an episode. cbs said it isn't commenting on charlie sheen for now. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. >> sheen calls his home sober valley lodge, insisting he cleaned up on his own and
5:54 pm
alcoholics ano , ics didn't work for him. coming up new at 6:00. >> i'm kristin fisher, where the veterinarian is offering in house cell therapy treatment. the results speak for themselves. we'll have the before and after videos coming up.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
the dow finished the day up 95 points to close at 12,226. the nasdaq rose 1 point and s & p 500 climbed 7 points. the king's speech was crowned picture at the academy awards. >> four oscars, including top actor honors, favorite natalie portman won in "black swan." the boxing drama, the fighter claimed supporting actor, who apologized for letting a bad word slip during her acceptance speech. >> i really don't mean to offend and probably a very inappropriate place to use that particular word in particular. >> last night's oscars were hosted by anne hathaway and
5:58 pm
frank. >> from the best dressed to the worst, we break down the gowns that wowed and the ones that made us say wow. red carpet winners include this red hot number worn by jennifer lawrence. dripping in shine, gwyneth paltrow was a top pick. then there was halle berry. lost in the dress department. nicole kidman flopped wearing a white awkwardly shaped gown. love her, hate the look. reese witherspoon looks like she broke out an old bridesmaid dress. then there's florence. who could forget that? wish we could. do you agree or disagree with oscar's best or worst dress? join the conversation on
5:59 pm
facebook. angie goff, 9news now. top awards last night inside job won for best documentary and toy story 3 was best animated feature. thank you for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9news now. >> the count down to a possible government shutdown is now just four days away. it is crunch time. let's make a deal. that is the word from congress tonight and it looks like republicans and democrats are close to an agreement to head off a partial government shutdown on friday. but as bruce leshan reports, it could be a pretty short-term deal. >> two weeks, that's the extension the republican house is slated to start debating on tuesday. the plan includes $4 billion in cuts. enough to stay on track to meet the demands of tea party freshman for more than $60 billion in cuts to this 's

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